I currently teach at the University of Amsterdam, Department of Dutch Linguistics and have been involved in four undergraduate programs in recent years: Dutch Language and Culture, Linguistics, Amsterdam University College, and the brand-new interdisciplinary program Cognition, Language and Communication, of which I also became program director (programmaleider) in January 2020. I obtained my BKO/University Teaching Qualification in 2017.

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Courses (to be) Taught

22Werkvelden. 2nd year course in BA Dutch Language & Culture. Students carry out workforce oriented project.
20, 21Stemmen van de Stad 2. 1st year interdisciplinary course in BA Dutch Language & Culture. Academic writing & research. (2x, and upcoming)
20, 21Stemmen van de Stad 1. 1st year interdisciplinary course in BA Dutch Language & Culture. Lectures & seminars on language acquisition, variation and change. (2x, and upcoming)
19Early vs Late Acquisition. (r)Ma Linguistics; Dutch Language & Culture. (1x)
19Knowledge Application. 2nd year CLC, block 6 project. Supporting/TA-role.
18–20Linguistics (Amsterdam University College). Survey course in Cognition track. (3x)
13–16; 19–20 Onderzoekswerkgroep Taalkunde. Undergraduate thesis/capstone course, BA Dutch Language & Culture. Theses co-supervised: 36. (6x, upcoming)
18–20Inleiding Algemene Taalwetenschap & Nederlandse Taalkunde (in artikelen). 1st year survey course, BA Dutch Language & Culture. Coordinator and instructor. (2x, upcoming)
13–19Taalontwikkeling. 2nd year, BA Dutch Language & Culture. Coordinator 16–19. Supervised 31 projects. (6x) This course received the Onderwijsprijs 2016!
17–21Introduction to Linguistics. 1st year, BA Linguistics & BSc Cognition, Language and Communication. Both Dutch and English-language groups. (5x, upcoming)
18First Language Acquisition. 2nd year, BA Linguistics. I held two sections. (1x)
18–19; 19–20Zins- en Taalanalyse. First-year survey course, BA Taal & Communicatie. (2x)
09–13Dutch and Academic Writing (Haagse Hogeschool)

Subject to change.


  • 1 ongoing PhD Project: Heleen de Vries, co-supervision (with Judith Rispens and Alla Peeters-Podgaevskaja)
  • 31 undergraduate term papers/group research projects (see Taalontwikkeling)
  • 51 undergraduate theses (see e.g. Onderzoekswerkgroep Taalkunde)
  • 6 undergraduate, 2 graduate (MA) interns.
  • 2 undergraduate interns.
  • 2 rMA theses (Heleen de Vries, co-supervision with Alla Peeters-Podgaevskaja; Jenna Hassan, co-supervision with Sible Andringa)


  • Undergraduate: multiple guest and substitute lectures for >5 different courses at the UvA, and one at Leiden University.
  • Graduate level: Guest class on verb cluster acquisition and one on ordinal acquisition in rMA Linguistics. Second Evaluator for three theses, on blijken (2019), on modal particles (2016), and verb cluster acquisition (2015).