Information for parents and (pre)schools

Language and number!

If you’re reading this because your child or (pre)school participated in a study about number words, you’ve come to the right place! This project is about what children know about cardinal and ordinal numerals, like one, two, three and  first, second, third. Is fourth easier than third because it’s transparent, despite being further down the count list? And how do English-speaking kids compare to those learning Dutch? Click here and scroll to page 8 (in the 2016 UMD Infant & Child Studies Consortium newsletter) to read about the study carried out in the spring of 2016, or read about the entire project in the original project description for nonspecialists (2014).

Is your child growing up bilingually? Then you’re participating in the most recent study. We will update the page about bilingual ordinal acquisition with more information as the project progresses.

The game

Moe is a spunky little monkey. This friendly guy is going on a trip, and all of his things want to come along. In fact, they’re even getting in line to jump into his suitcase! But uh-oh: the monkey only has two suitcases, so he can’t possibly bring everything. He needs a little help! The aim of the game is to pick the right objects from the line (like the third car, the last puppy, and eight banana’s) and pack them in the suitcase. Every child plays the game twice: once for each suitcase.

Who gets to go with Moe? Read his story here!


The original project (with monolingual children) was funded by the NWO as part of the Horizon Knowledge & Culture program.