I’m currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Amsterdam’s Department of Dutch Linguistics, and program director of the BSc Cognition, Language and Communication. My 2019 dissertation (supervised by Fred Weerman, Sjef Barbiers & Johan Rooryck, was carried out as part of the NWO-funded Horizon Knowledge & Culture program) and was nominated for the AVT/Anéla Dissertation Award 2019. Looking forward to new projects and collaborations!


I like to think about how people (kids and adults) acquire language and how this interacts with their cognitive development, especially when it comes to knowledge and skills that are unique to humans. How do we learn to think and talk about numbers, time and space? My current research focuses predominantly on (the acquisition of) numerals and ordinals, though you may also find me working on verb clusters in acquisition, variation and change. More generally, I am interested in experimental (psycho)linguistics, mostly with respect to syntax and morphology in Germanic languages.


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